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Caribbean Kiteboarding Cruise

The Catamaran Kite Cruise will take you to the hidden treasures of the Caribbean islands: beautiful, untouched landscapes, flat water, and constant trade winds make for the ultimate kitesurfer’s paradise. Take your kiteboarding travel to the next level! We will be stopping at small, off-the-beaten-path islands with shallow lagoons and constant winds. A cruise on a catamaran through the Caribbean offers many activities for all kinds of vacationers seeking variety including sailing, snorkeling, diving, sightseeing, fishing and more! Our group size for each catamaran is usually 10 people. Spots are limited and fill up quickly. If you are interested in this package and would like more information, please contact us at

Caribbean Kiteboarding Cruise

Chase The Wind on a Catamaran Adventure

Being on a boat is the ideal environment for a kite surfer. Kiteboarders will feel in their element surrounded by expansive, aquamarine water and easily accessible shallow beaches with consistent wind. Having the freedom to travel by water allows access to the best kitesurfing spots that otherwise would have been missed. A catamaran kiteboarding cruise allows for a daily change of scene and constantly new sights and experiences. It is any kiteboarder’s dream!

The catamaran can accommodate up to 8-14 people. On board there are private bathrooms, showers and a fully equipped kitchen. Three meals per day come included in the package, along with a 24 hour working staff to accommodate all of your needs. A catamaran is the perfect option for a large group seeking a setting for a private event. Cabins are allotted by the skipper based on the gender and traveler make-up of the group.

Kiteboarding lessons will be an option during our Kite Cruise at a 50% discount rate. As usual, all equipment and gear will be provided during the lesson without extra charge. Equipment will also be available for rent.

Expenses range from $2000 – $3000 depending on the size of the group, time of the year and location. The price includes accommodation, meals and local transportation. In addition, participants have the option to rent kiteboarding equipment outside of lessons.

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