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Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Trip

Cape Hatteras is the most popular North American kiteboarding destination. North Carolina has some of the best windy locations for kiteboarding in the USA! The state is known for being a location for kiteboarding championships due to its favourable geographic and weather conditions. The best kiteboarding location is Cape Hatteras, a renowned kite boarder destination.

The Cape is a strip of land that separates the coast of the mainland from the Atlantic. This body of water is called Pamlico Sound. Due to its separation from the ocean the water is flat and shallow, making it great for beginners. Avon, Salvo and Rodanthe are the most popular spots in Cape Hatteras for wind based sports.

Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Trip

Escape To Cape Hatteras And Make New Friends!

The drive to North Carolina allows participants to spend time with friends while seeing the east coast. This destination is windy year-round and is the perfect place to practice kiteboarding as well as offering an opportunity to travel with like-minded people. We organize kitesurfing road trips to North Carolina in between the summer and winter seasons, in the fall and spring, when conditions for kiteboarding are not favourable in Ontario. Travelling in the comfort of a large van is an exciting prospect for several reasons:

  • Cost – The cheapest way to travel is by car
  • Space – Renting a vehicle for a trip allows much more space for things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to bring if you were travelling by air. Of course, your are still limited with space, but you have a lot more!
  • Flexibility – When traveling by van, you can change your plans as you go. If you are taking a road trip, you can pull off the road at any time and sight-see.
  • Freedom – Having a vehicle with you at your destination is a major benefit as it allows you to explore the local area and go anywhere you need to.

Spaces are limited for this package. Usually, we have 7-14 travelers. For information on reservations and prices please send an email to

To accommodate our group we usually stay in large house right on the beach in one of the towns of Cape Hatteras. It’s a short walk to supermarkets and local restaurants. It is a waterfront house that equipped with a full kitchen, enough bedrooms and bathrooms for all of the travelers as well as warm showers outside to wash equipment from the salt water.

This location is ideal for both beginners and advanced kiteboarders which is why it has become a tradition for us to organize trips to Cape Hatteras. This trip is a good opportunity to learn kiteboarding in such a favourable environment or to advance your current skills while having fun with friends. We also provide all necessary kiteboarding equipment for rent during the trip.

All expenses are shared with the group. Approximate expenses to be expected per individual range from $900 to $1200 (depending on the size of the group) including transportation, accommodation and all meals. Equipment rental and lessons are extra and must be requested in advance.

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