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All-inclusive Kitesurfing Vacation

Take a break from the hassles of daily life and escape to an all-inclusive kiteboarding vacation. In partnership with the resorts we work to accommodate everyone’s interests whatever they may be. For our members this package offers a variety of daily activities at discount rates including scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, fishing, sight-seeing and more! This is your chance to have a great time at an exotic Caribbean resort and have our professional kiteboarding instructors hand down their expertise to you. Amateurs, professionals and families with kids are invited to join. You don’t need to be a pro to have fun!

All Inclusive Kitesurfing Vacation in Cuba

Enjoy All-inclusive Kitesurfing!

Our locations for this trip vary across the Caribbean including but not limited to countries like Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico. The Caribbean offers a warm getaway full of sunshine, white sand beaches and aquamarine water. Perfect for kiteboarding, these places also offer much more. Usually groups vary in size between 10-20 people, so spaces are limited. If you are interested in this package please contact us for more information on reservations and prices at

We aim to stay at four-five star all inclusive hotels with expansive beaches that accommodate kitesurfing. While selecting our hotels we make sure they meet the best standards of cleanness, security and have a variety of entertainment provided to ensure an active vacation. Rooms are generally single to double occupancy.

White-sand beaches and expansive shallow water makes for the best conditions for kitesurfing whether you are a beginner or are advanced. On this trip, we offer kiteboarding lessons at a 50% discount rate. As usual, we provide all the equipment during the lesson. If you are interested, please be sure to book your lessons in advance.

The price for this trip ranges from $900-1400 depending on the size of the group. Expenses for flights, transfers, quality accommodation are included in the price. Rentals for gear for kitesurfing outside of classes and lessons are extra.

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