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Travel Tours

A list of kiteboarding travel tours and destination vacations to the most popular and exotic kiteboarding locations. At the moment we specialize in Cape Hatteras trips, Caribbean kiteboarding cruises and all-inclusive vacations. Let us know what you prefer for your perfect vacation and where would you like to go next. Fill out this registration form.

Upcoming Travel Tours

Kiteboarding Trip To Exotic Costa Rica
DATE: 11/Dec/2017 - 18/Dec/2017 All Day
LOCATION: Private Villas at Playa Copal
Come join us kiteboarding in a Costa Rican bay called Bahia Salinas, known to be the 8th windiest place in the world, with 25kts wind everyday, all day long! Meet wild life and natural wonders at the best kite spot in Central America! Literally meaning ‘rich coast’ in Spanish, Costa Rica has a wealth of...

Past Travel Tours

Kiteboarding Trip to OBX
DATE: 07/Oct/2017 - 14/Oct/2017 All Day
LOCATION: Frisco, Cape Hatteras
Again this fall, iKite Canada is inviting you to the exiting kiteboarding trip to OBX (Outer Banks) of North Carolina, also known as Cape Hatteras. OBX or Cape Hatteras is a very popular North American kiteboarding destination, due to constant trade winds and shallow water. This place has a great reputation among kitesurfers for the...
Check Hatteras Off Your Bucket List This Year
DATE: 08/Apr/2017 - 15/Apr/2017 All Day
LOCATION: Frisco, Cape Hatteras
Once again we are going to Cape Hatteras this spring. Among the other kiteboarding destinations we have to offer this has been the most popular kiteboarding trip so far. Hatteras is an accessible and inexpensive way for Ontario kiteboarders to go south for vacations and boost their skills in the flat and shallow water of...
St Martin & Anguilla Kiteboarding Cruise
DATE: 27/Nov/2016 - 04/Dec/2016 All Day
LOCATION: St Martin & Anguilla Kiteboarding Cruise
iKite Club invites you to one week of sailing and kiteboarding adventures with a professional boat skipper and kiteboarding instructor guiding you to the best kiteboarding spots on the St. Martin and Anguilla islands. Kite and Sail With its constant trade winds, shallow water and tropical climate, St. Martin and Anguilla seem to have been...
Kiteboarding trip to Cape Hatteras
DATE: 29/Oct/2016 - 05/Nov/2016 All Day
LOCATION: Frisco, Cape Hatteras
Fall is the best season for winds on the Hatteras Island, so join iKite Canada as we head south one more time this year before the long winter to celebrate the end of a successful season of kiteboarding! We will be getting together a fun group of kiteboarders, beginners and advanced levels alike, to collectively...
Kiteboarding week in Cape Hatteras
DATE: 16/Apr/2016 - 23/Apr/2016 All Day
LOCATION: Frisco, Cape Hatteras
Waterfront 5 bedrooms luxury cottage. Launch your kite right from the backyard. Good for daily practice and downwinders! Reserve before February 16, 2015 and get a 10% discount on your package. We are excited to invite you to a kiteboarding week in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Right after the snowkiting season this is the best...
“Adios Problemas!” Part2. All-inclusive kiteboarding tour to Cuba
DATE: 09/Dec/2015 - 16/Dec/2015 All Day
LOCATION: Brisas Santa Lucía Hotel & Resort, Cuba
Enjoy the Caribbean warmth and sun in December! IKite Canada is organizing a kiteboarding trip to Cuba, to bask in the sunshine during winter while it’s cold in Toronto. The last trip was a great success, so by demand we are going again. As always, families, friends and kids are welcome to join. This trip...
Kiteboarding getaway to Cape Hatteras
DATE: 26/Sep/2015 - 03/Oct/2015 All Day
LOCATION: Salvo, Cape Hatteras
Road trips aren’t measured by mile markers, but by moments. IKite Canada is excited to announce our third kiteboarding trip to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. With the water and weather getting colder at the end of September, we will be heading south to continue the kiteboarding season. For this reason it has become a tradition...
Kiteboarding Adventure in Italy
DATE: 12/Sep/2015 - 19/Sep/2015 All Day
LOCATION: Naples, Italy
We invite you to participate in an unforgettable kiteboarding getaway to the Mediterranean! At the end of the summer, together with the “Sail la Vie” Yacht Club, we are organizing a Kiteboarding Safari and Sailing adventure to the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. Our starting point will be the historic city of Naples with the...
Kiteboarding trip to Cape Hatters, NC
DATE: 18/Apr/2015 - 25/Apr/2015 All Day
LOCATION: Nags Head, North Carolina
iKite Canada is inviting you to our next kiteboarding trip to Cape Hatters in North Carolina, a very popular North American kiteboarding destination. Shallow water and steady winds have given this place a reputation of the perfect environment for wind based sports. Cape Hatters is an ideal location for both beginners and advanced kiteboarders which...
Kiteboarding Safari in Antigua and Barbuda
DATE: 25/Mar/2015 - 01/Apr/2015 All Day
LOCATION: Kiteboarding Safari in Antigua and Barbuda
We are so excited to announce the next kiteboarding getaway in the Caribbean! Together with the Barrie Yacht Club we are organizing a Kiteboarding Safari to Antigua and Barbuda Islands for dates of March 25 – April 1. Imagine a stunning yacht adventure, which many consider the absolute ideal way to experience the world’s most...
“Adiós Problemas!” All-inclusive Kiteboarding Tour to Cuba
DATE: 05/Nov/2014 - 12/Nov/2014 All Day
LOCATION: Brisas Santa Lucía Hotel & Resort, Cuba
The “Adios Problemas!” all-inclusive kiteboarding tour to Cuba is organized and hosted by iKite Canada Inc. We work together to unite the kitesurfing community for a fun and exciting experience for the duration of one week. This is your chance to have a great time at an exotic location and experience the magic of kitesurfing....


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