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Kitesurfing Lessons

Get IKO certified kiteboarding lessons in Toronto! At iKite Canada, we teach everything you need to know about kiteboarding and provide guidance on selecting and buying the right gear so you learn the right techniques from the get-go, and advance quickly. Our kitesurfing lessons across Ontario are taught by professional, IKO certified instructors. For those interested in learning more about the sport and advancing their kiteboarding skills – you have come to the right place!

Our aim is to get our students to learn the necessary basics within only 3 kiteboarding lessons, regardless of their physical abilities.

The main benefit of choosing the iKite School as your guide into the world of kitesurfing is the connection it offers to your local kite surfing community. One of the most exciting ways to spend your day is outdoors interacting with and learning from like-minded enthusiasts and professionals.

Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario


All necessary equipment and kite gear will be provided by the iKite School with the exception of a wetsuit, which is the student responsibility for personal hygiene and sizing reasons. The student holds full responsibility for any damage when using the provided gear. Our recommendation is that students purchase their own kiteboarding equipment, and we can certainly provide a professional consultation on selecting the right gear at our online store.


In Ontario we teach on 3 Great Lakes – Ontario, Huron and Erie, as well as lake Simcoe. The location of the lesson always depends on weather conditions and wind direction, so we find the best suitable location that is close to the student. View the map of kiteboarding locations near Toronto, Ontario.

Become Independent in 3 Lessons & Get IKO Certified

Our IKO certified instructors put you on the right track to becoming an independent kiteboarder. During your learning path, you will be given step-by-step instructions and your coach will make sure you reach certain skill levels before we moved forward. All the concepts and techniques you need to master to become a skilled kiteboarder are listed below in the IKO Certifications Standards list.

IKO Certification Standards

What to Expect in Your Full Course

Each lesson lasts approximately 3 hours. With each consecutive class the skill and challenge level will keep building with respect to the physical abilities of each student.

In the first lesson, an iKite Canada certified instructor will teach you about the different kite types, sizes and their structure. We aim to determine your weak spots and work on them until you reach a comfort level in understanding the dynamics of each kite. Also, we make sure you receive the right knowledge of “wind window” theory and how to select the right kiting equipment in accordance to different environments. You will first learn how to fly a 2-line trainer kite, following a 4-line inflatable kite on the beach and later the body dragging technique on water.

Here is a list of what you will learn in the first lesson:

  • Local knowledge and safety regulations
  • Weather network tips and how to select the perfect spot for kite surfing or snow kiting
  • Hands-on practice flying the trainer kite and getting a direct feel for wind power
  • Kite setup and positioning on the beach, different safety release systems and connecting lines to a kite
  • Kite and harness specification and proper selection for each rider type
  • Practice launching the 4-line inflatable kite on the beach and on water
  • Keeping the kite in the power zone and landing the kite on the beach and on water
  • Practice body dragging (kite pulling you on water)
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Kiter’s body language (the way of communicating with other kite borders from a distance)

In the second kite surfing lesson you will continue to practice everything you’ve previously learned in lesson one, under the close supervision of our iKite certified kite boarding instructor. You will also learn about the proper techniques of tuning and repairing your kite, in case of damage.

Here is the list of what you will learn in the second lesson:

  • Kite landing exercising on the beach and on water
  • Progressing your knowledge in body dragging skills and self-rescue techniques in cases of emergency
  • Step-by-step training on kite power, depowering a kite and the aggressive power pull
  • Independent kite-launching and re-launching on water and land
  • An instructor will teach you about the type of kite surfing boards and kite board adjustments for your feet
  • You will learn to stand on the board while in water, proper body positioning, drifting downwind/upwind and riding the board
  • You will get tips on how to avoid common mistakes

At this point you become an independent kite surfer. By this lesson you must already know how to: setup a kite, test the safety release system, perform a flawless self-launch and kite landing, body dragging, as well as a proper power pull on land and water. During the third lesson we ensure you feel comfortable with controlling the kite in the water. This is where you apply all of your previously learned skills. By this time you will clearly understand that Mother Nature can be a force to be reckoned with, yet you will also build enough confidence to be riding on your own.

Here is the list of what you will learn in the third lesson:

  • Kite landing exercises on the beach and on water
  • Polish your skills in body dragging and self-rescue in cases of emergency
  • How to properly stand on a board and begin riding in the water
  • You will be riding the board together side by side with the kite surfing instructor and receive necessary advice
  • If you are ready, we will teach you your first kite boarding jump!

You may apply for additional kite surfing lessons if you still feel uncomfortable or unsafe with the kite or the board.

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iKite Canada is the ultimate kiteboarding club, based in Toronto. Our vision is to popularize this sport in Canada through supporting the kiteboarding community by teaching professional kitesurfing and snowkiting classes in Ontario, providing all enthusiasts with a specialized online store that sells gear, and offering travel tours to exclusive kiteboarding destinations around the world!