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Kiteboarding Theory

With our busy life schedules sometimes it is tough to find the perfect time to coordinate a lesson, and when wind forecast comes into play, it becomes even more challenging. For this reason, we have added a no wind day 2 hours class of just a kiteboarding theory for those who cannot wait for the wind to get into kitesurfing.

We offer one-on-one, as well as 2-3 people group class of kiteboarding theory. All theory lesson are run on no-wind days and can be arranged at any park in Toronto area or even in the convenience of your backyard! We would need a large 100 foot long field to pump the kite, lay down the lines and go through all the safety features.

Have the basics down ahead of the next windy day, at your convenience.

Here is list of what you will learn:

  • Beach regulations and safety on the water.
  • International kiteboarding sign language.
  • Emergency situations.
  • How to select a perfect spot to kite.
  • Internet tools to check wind strength and location.
  • The wind window and power zones.
  • Introduction to kitesurfing equipment.
  • Type of kites available on the market.
  • How to choose the best kite for your skill level.
  • Kite setup and handling procedure overview.
  • Use of kite repair tools.
Kiteboarding Theory Class
Kiteboarding Tricktionary Book

Learn 2x Faster with Tricktionary Twintip Supreme Edition

The best source of kiteboarding theoretical knowledge!

There is a lot of theory to cover before you get on the water. With instructional kiteboarding book – Tricktionary Twintip Supreme Edition you have the opportunity to learn kiteboarding any time and anywhere. So when it’s a perfectly windy day outside more time will be spent having fun using the kite, and even venturing out into the water.

Kiteboarding Tricktionary Book is not included in the lesson and can be bought separately.

Price: $125

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