Toronto kiteboarding club and school with IKO certified instructors.


Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario

Kiteboarding Lessons

In the summer we run kiteboarding lesson on water anytime it is windy. We teach on all 3 Great Lakes in Ontario as well as other small lakes suitable for kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding Theory Class

Theory Classes

Kiteboarding theory classes are designed to cover all the aspects of kite safety features, wind theory and emergency situations. Theory classes are the best and safe way to get into the sport.

Kiteboarding Group Lesson

Group Classes

Group classes are suitable for any amount of people, however there is one kiteboarding instructor assigned for every 5 members of the group. A group lesson is a fun and inexpensive way to learn kitesurfing in the company of friends or co-workers!

Snowkiting Lessons in Toronto, Ontario

Snowkiting Lessons

Snowkiting lessons start with the first snow in Ontario. We teach how to snowkite on the wide open snowy fields around the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Once the lakes are frozen we go out on the ice.

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iKite Canada is the ultimate kiteboarding club, based in Toronto. Our vision is to popularize this sport in Canada through supporting the kiteboarding community by teaching professional kitesurfing and snowkiting classes in Ontario, providing all enthusiasts with a specialized online store that sells gear, and offering travel tours to exclusive kiteboarding destinations around the world!