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Kiteboarding Repair Services

We fix ripped kite canopies, damaged tube kite bladders, kite lines and bridles. We also fix leaky drysuits with the highest quality materials. We offer fast turnaround time, with shipping or pick up options available. Inquire today and get back on the water sooner without missing any good windy days!

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Quality Kite Repairs Quality Kite Repairs
Need kite repair? We can do it using the highest quality repair materials that give your kite the same strength and protection from salt water and UV without adding extra weight. Email us a few pictures of the damaged area with a description and we will get back to you with a price estimate.
Bar & Lines Tune-up Bar & Lines Tune-up
Get your bar and lines repaired and properly tuned for ultimate performance! Regular tune-ups of your kiteboarding equipment help you maintain your gear at its best performance, especially the bar lines. In most cases it is the center lines that stretch over time and need to be tuned to match the outer lines. We also do chicken loop and cleat replacement.
Gear Inspection Gear Inspection
For moments when you think your equipment isn’t working or your kite is leaking but you cannot find the source, we do general equipment checks. After a careful inspection of your kite, bar and lines, we will tell you what’s the problem and suggest a repair solution. If we spot an air leak on your kite bladder we can repair that for you right away!

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iKite Canada is the ultimate kiteboarding club, based in Toronto. Our vision is to popularize this sport in Canada through supporting the kiteboarding community by teaching professional kitesurfing and snowkiting classes in Ontario, providing all enthusiasts with a specialized online store that sells gear, and offering travel tours to exclusive kiteboarding destinations around the world!