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Before You Begin

Kiteboarding (or snowkiting) is an extreme sport, but if necessary precautions are made the danger level is greatly reduced. Like in any other sport, your progression in this sport must be gradual beginning with easy-to-do exercises to complex maneuvers. Otherwise, you risk your life and the lives of others.

As you begin to practice kiteboarding, it would be beneficial for you to know the basics of sailing, wakeboarding, snowboarding or skiing. There is no problem if you do not have any previous experience in these fields. In this case a bit more time will be spent in learning to achieve synchronous control of the kite and the board. The snowboarding or wakeboarding techniques are quite different than kiteboarding techniques, but knowing them would accelerate your learning process. However, you can become a great kite boarder without any sailing or wakeboarding experience.

Learning how to kitesurf can be simple and complex at the same time depending on the individual. For some people a few hours of training is enough in order to kiteboard confidently. Other people’s muscle memory and coordination of movements is less developed and they need more time to learn kiteboarding.

It is a proven fact that any person can learn any subject, all that matters is the desire and effort that you put into it.

Kiteboarding surely seems like a relaxed sport when watching professional riders at the top of their game. All of their movements seem so fluid and easy, but there are many details that an inexperienced eye can’t quite catch, and those nuances distinguish the professional from the newbie.

When you start learning the right way, chances of becoming a professional sooner are much greater. The right way is a step-by-step systematic training method. This way your learning curve is smooth and advancement is quick. Don’t skip any chapter, perform and practice every exercise given to you and meet all the safety requirements exactly in this kiteboarding guide. Before you know it, within three or four days you can start riding independently. If you have any additional questions, please contact the certified kite boarding professionals at iKite Canada.

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