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Beginner’s Guide

There is a lot of information available today on what a kite is and how to use it, but sorting through it all to find answers a beginner can use, is pretty difficult. To make this process easier a huge amount of knowledge related to kiteboarding has been compiled together here, varying from sources such as sporting articles, research and personal experience.

Many of these tips and tricks have come through experience and knowledge gained from mistakes and failures of professional kite surfers. Although mistakes cannot be avoided completely, this guide aims to help you minimize them. Our mission is to give you the necessary advice and explanations, but it is your job to use the provided tools to the best of your ability.

This guide will help you figure out the details and nuances of kite boarding. Before you begin kite boarding we urge you to read everything in this guide and pay close attention to the tips, precautions and recommendations. Some points may remain unclear until your first practice. The more experience you gain, the more you will understand what this guide has to offer. Do not hesitate to keep returning to previously read passages to see if there may be something new which you may have missed previously.

Besides the information you will find here, we recommend seeking help and guidance from the experienced kite boarding staff of iKite Canada, especially on your first try at the sport. This guide is not a do-it-yourself guide to kitesurfing and snowkiting. A professional lesson is always recommended for safety precautions. This is rather an introduction to the theoretical and practical points of knowledge required for a beginner.

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