Toronto kiteboarding club and school with IKO certified instructors.

Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is shallow and calm. With the right wind direction it is one of the best places for beginners to learn kiteboarding in Ontario. In the winter Cook’s Bay and Georgina areas are usually solid frozen and are also a great place for snowkiting.


Beaverton Kiteboarding Spot
Kiteboarding at Thorah Centennial Park north of Beaverton on 9th Concession Road & Shore Line Road.


Keswick Kiteboarding Spot
Kiteboarding near Keswick at Clardon Beach Park during the water season & Glenwood Beach for snowkiting only.

Lagoon City

Lagoon City Kiteboarding Spot
Shallow and flat water kiteboarding spot at Lagoon City Park on Lake Simcoe near Brechin. Suitable for the snowkiting as well.

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iKite Canada is the ultimate kiteboarding club, based in Toronto. Our vision is to popularize this sport in Canada through supporting the kiteboarding community by teaching professional kitesurfing and snowkiting classes in Ontario, providing all enthusiasts with a specialized online store that sells gear, and offering travel tours to exclusive kiteboarding destinations around the world!