Toronto kiteboarding club and school with IKO certified instructors.

About Us

Specializing in kiteboarding, our team has evolved out of a group of like-minded professionals seeking to work in recreational sports. Drawing from our experience, we find a creative approach to every client. As an organization of this kind, we incorporate all possible methods for the achievement of your safety and comfort.


We aim to support and grow the kiteboarding community through certified kitesurfing and snowkiting lessons, with exciting destination trips to the world’s best kiteboarding locations and by providing quality and affordable equipment. All the while we strive to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in the great outdoors.

The iKite Club is run by kiteboarders who are passionate about their sport and are continually seeking out and providing opportunities for like-minded people to improve their skills, gain knowledge, trade equipment and enjoy kiteboarding travel tours. The iKite Club requires member input and participation. This does a couple of things; first it keeps the costs down and second helps to make it YOUR club.

About Kitesurfing Club

Getting involved in kiteboarding club activities is a great way to meet new members, enjoy each other’s company, find kiteboarding buddies and make brand new members feel welcome and a part of the club. For active participation in the club life members receive discounts on kiteboarding gear, travel tours and free admission to local kiteboarding events.

With our kitesurfing club we work to:

  • Develop and popularize the sport.
  • Strengthen and expand the kiteboarding community.
  • Safely teach kitesurfing, snowkiting and landboarding.
  • Help members select the correct gear according to their skills.
  • Buy, trade or rent affordable kiteboarding equipment.
  • Organize kiteboarding destination travel tours.
  • Collaborate with other sport communities for common events.

NOTE: Once you take a kiteboarding lesson and get evaluated by our instructor you automatically become a member of the iKite Club and the first year membership fee is waived. If you have previously taken any lessons with the iKite School you may request your membership on this page.

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iKite Canada is the ultimate kiteboarding club, based in Toronto. Our vision is to popularize this sport in Canada through supporting the kiteboarding community by teaching professional kitesurfing and snowkiting classes in Ontario, providing all enthusiasts with a specialized online store that sells gear, and offering travel tours to exclusive kiteboarding destinations around the world!